Introduction To The Sea Organization Blog


This site is not affiliated with the official Church of Scientology. If you are a Scientologist in “good standing”, reading this blog will probably result in being sent to see the Ethics Officer, get an ethics interview and/or undergo confessionals at your own expense. Even if you stop reading at this point, the result could be the same.

Doing a search and thus seeking out such “negative” data on this subject is, per Church doctrine, an attempt on your part to lessen the burden of your crimes against Scientology: If you prove to yourself that the entity you committed crimes against is bad, then you will not feel bad about those crimes. The Church will attempt to help you by “cleaning up your crimes”, therefore the confessional.

The Church uses this to prevent its members to read anything that attacks the Church. Additionally, Church policy places ANY church doctrine above your constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of beliefs or Personal Integrity, or ANY other rights you may have, solely “for your own good” and for the sake of achieving your “eternal freedom” as a spiritual being.

This blog will not, in any event, will be responsible for any expenses, consequences to the reader, and if you disagree, please close this page and do not continue reading anything is at your own responsibility.

(Note for the reader who has no idea about Scientology: The above is not intended to be sarcastic. This is what happens when you are a Scientologist and you visit any website that is not in full support of Scientology.)

Sea Organization Documentary

This blog is an insider documentary of the Sea Org, the elite organization of Scientology. Its materials will be published from the stories of real everyday people, rather than stories of high level executives from places like The Hole.

Our purpose is not to throw mud. We are not going to use words like “cult”, opinions or any human emotion & reaction. The stories will be factual accounts of what happened to different people who were connected to or were members of the Sea Org. If you have a story, this is your chance to tell. Our purpose is to show the reality of he Sea Org, without all the beautification, to the 18,000 people who search this word every month.

I have to say in advance that these stories are nowhere as dramatic as the ones you see from high executives that left the Sea Org, like Debbie Cook, Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun. These are “just” everyday stories.

If I use any Scientology terms, I will define them in brackets each time, as I know that people who have never been in Scientology will be reading these pages.

As this is a documentary and we believe in freedom of speech, we also welcome current Sea Org members to share their stories and to respond, just as they were invited to the Leah Remini show. Even if you have never been in Scientology, you can tell any encounters you had with Sea Org members.

If you want, you can find out more about the start of the Sea Org here.

The Iron Curtain

When I was a kid (in the ’80s), I lived behind the Iron Curtain. All the news that we got was the product of communist propaganda. We weren’t allowed to travel to the West, to the land of the “dirty capitalists” who “exploited the workers”.

There was no internet at that time. There were no fancy smartphones, no e-mail. There was a radio station called “Voice of America” that broadcasted from the West, via long frequency. There was a whining background noise,  whooooouuuuu-whooooouuuuu. It was forbidden to listen to this station. But many of us did anyways, because that’s how we got the real interpretation of what was happening in the world and why. The station was supported by the donations of people who believed in freedom.

At the beginning of the ’90s the Iron Curtain was broken down. However, very soon I found myself behind a very similar Iron Curtain: the one maintained by the Sea Organization.

Are You Surprised To See This Blog Name?

There is no legally registered entity called “Sea Organization”. There are only individual organizations like Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.

The phrase “Sea Organization” is not a trademark (see all trademarks of the Church here), only the symbol with the leaves and the star is. I am not in violation of any trademark laws by using this name.

Being Attacked

We have noticed that the Church oftentimes reacts to such sites and programs with attack.

I have nothing to lose. I left the Sea Org in December 2016 and I am a declared Suppressive Person. There is no higher degree of justice in the Church.

I have no house, no property, no inheritance that can be taken away from me. All I have to my name is is a suitcase of clothes and $17K debts.

It is safe to assume that I will be attacked and discredited and my crimes will be looked for. I wrote down all the crimes I have committed here.

Help Us Keep This Blog Here

You can support this blog the following ways:

1. Tell your own story.

We want to have massive amounts of data available to those who are interested to find out about the subject of the Sea Organization and we want to get this done in a very short amount of time, in true Sea Org style. Turn in your story, good or bad. It’s a documentary and many people are interested.

Why you joined. Why you left. Did the training or auditing help you? At what price?

It needs to be a story you personally experienced, or witnessed. No second hand stories. No evaluation or invalidation. There are a lot of testimonies of former executives, but we also want the everyday people’s voice heard.

It’s up to you if you want to publish your real name or you want to use a user name. It’s your right to privacy.

Here is an example of what is expected.

You can submit your story here.

2. Share these stories through Social Media and link to them from your website.

We want everyone to know about these stories. They can go viral. This is the only way we can counter the million dollar Super Bowl ads…

Please be active and leave comments on the posts. Social interaction help rankings in search. (Just type in “Sea Org” and see what comes up.)

Per what I was told, a few years ago Google was given a briefing on the Church and they updated their search engine to list the official Scn websites first in their search results. You probably remember it used to be the other way…