Scientology Jokes That Would Count As Blasphemy


Just so everyone understands, joking is not allowed in Scientology. You get sent to Ethics and will probably undergo sec checking (confessional). Here is the theory: “Joking & Degrading” or J&D in Scientology slang is done because the person had committed serious harmful acts and now he has to attack that entity to “prove that it is bad” and therefore the harmful acts against it are “justified” and therefore he will not “feel bad” because of them. Therefore the handling is to “pull” the person’s overs and withholds, and as a result, after doing all the ethics stuff that goes

Christmas In The Sea Org


Christmas is one of those times when Sea Org members are entitled to some fun. We usually got some Xmas bonuses, we were able to go shopping for a few hours and … we had some parties! The photo above is the Flag building made up of marzipan. Here are some Beer & Cheese party photos:   XMas banquet in the old Clearwater Building dining room that we hated so much… XMas tree from OSA: And finally a clip from a Xmas concert from the Fort Harrison auditorium:            

The Scientology Website Empire

Since I left the Sea Org, I spent a lot of time studying the subject of websites and internet marketing. I decided to start a new blog on a Scientology-related subject and I was trying to figure out my domain name (if you are not familiar with this subject, it’s the address of a website). I recalled seeing a website a long time ago, it was called, which would have been a proper domain name, and when I typed in, I saw that it didn’t have a website connected to it. I looked up the recent history and I

Is Scientology Leader David Miscavige Evil?


My Encounters With DM During my 20 years in Scientology’s Sea Org, I had the (un)fortunate experience to run into him a few times and I will tell you my experiences, and also about the idea that Sea Org members have about him. Who Is David Miscavige? David Miscavige is the head of the Church of Scientology. His official title is Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). What is the Board? Theoretically, a company has a Board of Directors. He is the chairman. I have never seen the board itself… It doesn’t exist. It’s a smoke