A Severe Form of Punishment: Boot Camp

Clearwater FLB

The following is a severe violation of human rights: the boot camp story of Attila Sonkoly in Clearwater, Florida.

I got into Scientology at age 15. My mom died and I had a hard time processing the world. I attended a free Dianetics lecture, shortly after I signed up for more Scientology and Dianetics courses.

There was something about the Scientology courses I liked – I decided to become a course supervisor – the person who supervises Scientologists using study technology in a course room, where they go to to learn different aspects of Scientology. Soon I was supervising life improvement courses in my local Scientology mission in Szeged, Hungary. After a Sea Org recruiter came I signed up for the Sea Org – with the intention to become a supervisor.

At Flag I spent 1 year in full time training, for 4 years I was Staff Training Officer, where I had so much bullshit happening to me and yelling, etc. taking place regarding the progress of the Technical Training Corps (technical personal in training full time) that I decided to step down and become the Lead Staff Supervisor instead.

I was a fully trained Supervisor and Word Clearer. The course room is supposed to have a 1 to 20 Supervisor/Student Ratio. Instead we many times had a 1 to 100-400 Sup/Student Ratio. This means I had a lot of students who were bugged and slow and even though I tried my best I had no chance to see every single one of them on a daily basis. I was overwhelmed most of the time. I still did my best.

Freewinds Mission At Flag

I believe in 2004 a Freewinds Mission came to Flag, and I had so big collusion with them and eventually I had to escape from the Sea Org.

When they arrived they implemented courses such as External Influence, etc to become a mandatory training for all staff members. The course was a joke – many mandatory clay demos etc were not based on LRH quotes – it was David Miscavage’s handling – he though staff members get influenced by protesters, newspapers etc. so he sent a mission out to indoctrinate the staff to live in a bubble instead of listening to the outside world. This was never an LRH course.

I went to disagreement with “supervising” staff while they listen to basic LRH lectures in the FH auditorium once or twice a week. This was not a course room setting and everyone was listening to the same tape without the chance to be able to stop the record player if he/she needed help etc. Many foreign staff just kept falling to sleep. I was not able to really help them. I was told to hand dictionaries to the students who fell asleep during the lecture. I also disagreed putting people through new versions of courses if it was not warranted. Most staff members had 10-15 incomplete courses or auditing actions due to new versions of courses, projects, etc… When I voiced my disagreement to the Snr Qual Sec she called me names and spit on me – actually she missed my face and only spit on my shirt.

The Freewinds mission started implementing the Boot Camp – I only did the first version of it, I know many people who went through later harder versions of this torture …

So the mission decided anywhere where a major ethics situation existed and was not handled on a timely manner a boot camp should be called. We had to do this after work. Soon the Staff Training section was assigned to Boot Camp. After we worked our 12 or so hours, we had to go to either to the FH kitchen to wash dishes or to scrab garbage bins, etc. I did this until about midnight, I was smelly, dirty, humiliated to my core. When we were done, we had to do crazy ass boot camp physical workouts from midnight to until about 1 or 2 am. Such as runnning up to the 10th floor and then back down 30 times, push ups, etc. I was out of shape – I threw up numerous times and the Snr MAA found this to be very funny. I got 4 hours of sleep most on a daily basis. Once one of my supervisors arrived late – the Security guard present slapped his face and kicked him. I could not believe this. This was the turning point for me. I decided to escape.

Everyone Was Trying To Leave

So many people wanted to leave at the time that they invented the DPF – Deck Project Force where the “ethics particles” had to do program to regain good standing. Usually about 60 to 100 staff wanted to leave at any given time.

I became angry and yelled at my seniors saying how messed up the scene was and I couldn’t take it any longer. Me and the Staff Training staff as part of the boot camp program started to write-up our “harmful acts”. I F/N-ed the write up but I was always told to start writing up more – I did the write ups the 28th time and even the examiner told me that this was crazy and why I had to do that. I went into the stage where I was just writing down harmful acts that I invented.

I generally got 3-4 hours of sleep a day, I was put to the “beans and rice” I was allowed to eat only plain rice and beans for meal 3 times day. My body was messed up. I entered the stage when I went almost asleep while I tried to word clear the Captain. I blew from my own course room – I was not able to study as I was never well rested for study.

Soon after this I left for good, I had no choice – so many people were trying to leave that finding a auditor and doing the staff leaving confessional would have taken over a year.

It was hard – no money, no papers no place to live. It was practically a suicide – killing my former Scientology life and try to emerge from complete zero to the outside life. It took years and tears but today I am a lucky husband, we adopted our nice and I have a bit better than average life. It took lot of patience and hard work to get here. I will never forget what I went through. 10 years of my life abused.

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  1. Silvia Kusada | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been auditing staff. I have watched first hand staff and out of training people get humiliated and tortured. I witnessed things most public do not even imagine exist.
    Im glad you have the courage to talk and to help others.

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