Peter Nyiri ship
In sailing uniform

How Did This Site Come About?

My name is Peter Nyiri and I spent a total of 22 years in Scientology and out of those years 20 years in the Sea Organization. I joined in 1996 in Clearwater, Florida and stayed there for 18 years. In January 2015 I was promoted to Scientology’s ship, the Freewinds, which is cruising on the Caribbean. I left in December 2016 and, as a result, in May 2017 I was expelled from Scientology (declared as a Suppressive Person).

When I signed up, I wasn’t told about all the details of what awaits me, just as no one else gets told, as these details are “confidential” and would stop many new recruits from joining.

I am not here to criticize anyone. This site is a documentary being put together from the accounts of former Sea Org members and expelled Scientologists, a number that now amounts to close to 10,000. This way anyone wanting to join can have a clear picture before they sign the billion-year contract and anyone who enters Scientology for services can find out what those people go through that are helping them on their way on “The Bridge To Total Freedom”.

Why Did I Leave?

Believe it or not, nobody from the Sea Org ever asked me this question, even though I was in sporadic e-mail communication with the person in charge of ethics. Per Scientology, people leave because of the things they commit against the organization. It’s always the other person’s fault, never Scientology’s.

The Sea Org is a tough life, some periods are more tough than others. Many of the things Sea Org Members experience is heavy suppression and they are not ready to deal with this. You will see this in the accounts of people on this blog. However, organization staff members cannot be named by anyone as the source of suppression, per Scientology technology. Therefore there is no way to correct the suppression from inside. If you say anything, you are “disaffected” and you get sent to Ethics and to get confessionals.

So why did I leave? I eventually confronted the fact that I am under heavy suppression, and therefore I disconnected from them, per standard Scientology technology. Read the details here.

Is Scientology Good or Bad?

Absolutes don’t exist. There is no total good and there is no total bad, only steps in between.

There are good things in Scientology, and I am a better person because of the experience, and many other people are. However the price we paid for it is just too high.

There is a definite human rights situation that the people inside don’t see, it is built into the system invisibly.

Scientology acts like it is above the constitution. Things will need to change.