Christmas In The Sea Org


Christmas is one of those times when Sea Org members are entitled to some fun. We usually got some Xmas bonuses, we were able to go shopping for a few hours and … we had some parties! The photo above is the Flag building made up of marzipan. Here are some Beer & Cheese party photos:   XMas banquet in the old Clearwater Building dining room that we hated so much… XMas tree from OSA: And finally a clip from a Xmas concert from the Fort Harrison auditorium:            

A Severe Form of Punishment: Boot Camp

Clearwater FLB

The following is a severe violation of human rights: the boot camp story of Attila Sonkoly in Clearwater, Florida. I got into Scientology at age 15. My mom died and I had a hard time processing the world. I attended a free Dianetics lecture, shortly after I signed up for more Scientology and Dianetics courses. There was something about the Scientology courses I liked – I decided to become a course supervisor – the person who supervises Scientologists using study technology in a course room, where they go to to learn different aspects of Scientology. Soon I was supervising life

What Is Computer Ethics?

police car

Ethics is relative… This is a story from the 2008 era. I was staff in Clearwater, Florida. We had “Staff member guidelines” and the first point was about computers. The basic idea was that it was expressly forbidden to have any computer online on the territory of the base, at work or home, in Starbucks or at the beach. It was even more forbidden to go onto Facebook, or any other social network. It was (and still is) forbidden to read anything negative about Scientology. How Did They Enforce This? I secretly had an internet connection in my room. First

Why I Left The Sea Org

Peter Aruba Beach

Crimes And Suppression In The Sea Org Summed up in two words: I left because I felt suppressed and restricted and I didn’t see a chance for change. Of course in the Sea Org this doesn’t count as a reason for leaving, as “a person with a clean heart cannot be hurt” and a person is “at full cause over everything that happens to him” and a thetan (the name for the spirit in Scientology) has the ultimate ability “to make everything right”. In Scientology viewpoint there are two reasons someone leaves the Sea Org: Harmful acts or omissions committed

Human Rights In The Sea Org

Sea Waves

Definition Cocroach: Scn slang derog A person who is attacking Scientology, especially in a demonstration on the street with signs. More generally anyone who opposes Scientology. Refers to a “lower lifeform” that is not “advanced enough” to see the “higher purpose” of Scientology. Human Rights This post is about human rights. Scientology has a movement called “Youth For Human Rights”, where they stand up against discrimination because of race and beliefs, human trafficking, killing others, war, etc. This is a good purpose. The only problem is that Scientology fails to give very basic human rights to its own members, especially