A Severe Form of Punishment: Boot Camp

Clearwater FLB

The following is a severe violation of human rights: the boot camp story of Attila Sonkoly in Clearwater, Florida. I got into Scientology at age 15. My mom died and I had a hard time processing the world. I attended a free Dianetics lecture, shortly after I signed up for more Scientology and Dianetics courses. There was something about the Scientology courses I liked – I decided to become a course supervisor – the person who supervises Scientologists using study technology in a course room, where they go to to learn different aspects of Scientology. Soon I was supervising life

Is It Correct To Force People To Work 95 Hour Weeks For $50?

Freewids waiters

The members of Scientology’s most elite organization, the Sea Organization, work 90+ hour weeks. For decades, their pay was $50 per week and last year was increased to $100 per week. They do get room & board for free. I am just going to state the facts here and not going to voice any other opinion than this: If you encounter anyone in your vicinity that wants to join an organization like this, have them read this story. 95-Hour Week On Scientology’s Cruise Ship I was “promoted” to the Freewinds, Scientology’s Cruise Ship, in January 2015. My pay suddenly changed

Human Rights In The Sea Org

Sea Waves

Definition Cocroach: Scn slang derog A person who is attacking Scientology, especially in a demonstration on the street with signs. More generally anyone who opposes Scientology. Refers to a “lower lifeform” that is not “advanced enough” to see the “higher purpose” of Scientology. Human Rights This post is about human rights. Scientology has a movement called “Youth For Human Rights”, where they stand up against discrimination because of race and beliefs, human trafficking, killing others, war, etc. This is a good purpose. The only problem is that Scientology fails to give very basic human rights to its own members, especially