Scientology Jokes That Would Count As Blasphemy


Just so everyone understands, joking is not allowed in Scientology. You get sent to Ethics and will probably undergo sec checking (confessional). Here is the theory: “Joking & Degrading” or J&D in Scientology slang is done because the person had committed serious harmful acts and now he has to attack that entity to “prove that it is bad” and therefore the harmful acts against it are “justified” and therefore he will not “feel bad” because of them. Therefore the handling is to “pull” the person’s overs and withholds, and as a result, after doing all the ethics stuff that goes

How Did Scientology Get Tax Exempt Status?

There have been articles on President Trump wanting to revoke Scientology’s tax exempt status. Here is the original article of how Scientology became tax exempt in the first place. March 9, 1997 Scientology’s Puzzling Journey From Tax Rebel to Tax Exempt By DOUGLAS FRANTZ On Oct. 8, 1993, 10,000 cheering Scientologists thronged the Los Angeles Sports Arena to celebrate the most important milestone in the church’s recent history: victory in its all-out war against the Internal Revenue Service. For 25 years, I.R.S. agents had branded Scientology a commercial enterprise and refused to give it the tax exemption granted to churches.

Have A Good Laugh – Answers To The Hungary Attacks

Data Protection

Hungarian Scientology just got a huge fine and the investigation continues. Their reaction… They asked the members to 10X their IAS donations. See the other reactions here… The Image Above “If Scientology is being investigated because of data protection… “Then why did the President of Data Protection read out the confessional secrets publicly?” Wake-up Call – Recruitment “WAKE-UP CALL!!! This part of the universe needs your help! In the past few days suppression has reached our church and religion! BE PART OF THE TEAM NOW, because we never needed you like we need you now! We are looking for auditors,

A Fine of 40 Million HUF for the Scientology Church Because of Unlawful Data Management

Scientology Budapest Raid

The Church of Scientology of Budapest, Hungary was closed off with police cars and cordons last Wednesday. There were police standing in front of the headquarters, and the investigators were going in and out. About thirty more locations were searched nationwide. The National Data Protection and Information Authority has been investigating since December last year because of the fact that more people complained: the rights of the Scientologists’ data management practices could have been compromised. A few days later, due to illegal data handling, the National Institute of Data Protection and Information (NAIH) imposed the maximum 20-20 million HUF (USD 250,000)