Christmas In The Sea Org


Christmas is one of those times when Sea Org members are entitled to some fun. We usually got some Xmas bonuses, we were able to go shopping for a few hours and … we had some parties! The photo above is the Flag building made up of marzipan. Here are some Beer & Cheese party photos:   XMas banquet in the old Clearwater Building dining room that we hated so much… XMas tree from OSA: And finally a clip from a Xmas concert from the Fort Harrison auditorium:            

Is Scientology Leader David Miscavige Evil?


My Encounters With DM During my 20 years in Scientology’s Sea Org, I had the (un)fortunate experience to run into him a few times and I will tell you my experiences, and also about the idea that Sea Org members have about him. Who Is David Miscavige? David Miscavige is the head of the Church of Scientology. His official title is Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center (RTC). What is the Board? Theoretically, a company has a Board of Directors. He is the chairman. I have never seen the board itself… It doesn’t exist. It’s a smoke

Leaving Scientology, Waking Up To The American Nightmare

Freewinds Reboarding Pass

Leaving A World In A Bubble Isn’t Easy In case you never read my previous posts, I spent 20 years in Scientology’s top level restricted “religious order”, the Sea Organization. I know this post will probably be shared in other areas and therefore it is written in such a language that anyone will understand. I want to bring the fact to your attention that this story could have happened to a relative of yours and it could have been another religion or cult or community, etc. The main thing I want to say is that such people will fall onto

My Story Showed Up In The Media


Well, the details got changed around a bit, but this is what was published yesterday on a Hungarian news site… A Contract For One Billion Years In September, the story of a deserter Scientologist from Hungary, Péter Nyíri, came to the Internet. Nyíri became a member of one of the most infamous organizations in the Church, the so-called Sea Org. This is a sort of religious order of Scientologists, members work on church owned ships. They need to sign a contract that they undertake to serve the Church for the next one billion years (i. e. after their death in

What Is Computer Ethics?

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Ethics is relative… This is a story from the 2008 era. I was staff in Clearwater, Florida. We had “Staff member guidelines” and the first point was about computers. The basic idea was that it was expressly forbidden to have any computer online on the territory of the base, at work or home, in Starbucks or at the beach. It was even more forbidden to go onto Facebook, or any other social network. It was (and still is) forbidden to read anything negative about Scientology. How Did They Enforce This? I secretly had an internet connection in my room. First

My Escape from Scientology

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This is my story of escaping from Scientology’s Sea Organization. I spent 18 years at the so-called Flag Land Base, Clearwater, FL and 2 years on the cruise ship Freewinds at the Caribbean. The schedule on the ship was much more tough than at Flag and the sugarcoat treatment I received at the beginning melted away very quick. I ended up in the brutal atmosphere of the galley with a nasty Restaurant Manager as my senior. I acquired a hernia and I had to continue carrying heavy racks for several more months. I also noticed the way the Captain of the

Sea Organization Recommended Reading

Note: By clicking through the below links and purchasing any items (not just the listed ones) on the target site within 24 hours supports this blog through receiving a small commission. This doesn’t cost you any extra money, but helps keep this blog here. Escaping Scientolgy by Karen Schless Pressley Before joining Scientology, Karen worked as a Hollywood fashion designer, and her husband, Peter Schless, was an award-winning composer of legendary songs including the theme song to Rambo: First Blood Part II. Scientology lured them away from these successful careers to join the Sea Organization. After Karen left the Sea

What Is The Sea Org In Scientology?

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The Sea Organization (many times referred to as Sea Org) is a religious order in Scientology. It is made up of the most dedicated Scientologists in the world. When someone joins the Sea Org, they sign a religious commitment (often referred to as Sea Org contract) for one billion years. It’s called a commitment as it is not a legal contract, not legally enforceable. The Sea Organization is a religious order similar to Tibetan monks. It is not legally incorporated or otherwise organized as a legal entity. Members of the Sea Org therefore are wholly responsible to the organization for

Is It Correct To Force People To Work 95 Hour Weeks For $50?

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The members of Scientology’s most elite organization, the Sea Organization, work 90+ hour weeks. For decades, their pay was $50 per week and last year was increased to $100 per week. They do get room & board for free. I am just going to state the facts here and not going to voice any other opinion than this: If you encounter anyone in your vicinity that wants to join an organization like this, have them read this story. 95-Hour Week On Scientology’s Cruise Ship I was “promoted” to the Freewinds, Scientology’s Cruise Ship, in January 2015. My pay suddenly changed

Why I Left The Sea Org

Peter Aruba Beach

Crimes And Suppression In The Sea Org Summed up in two words: I left because I felt suppressed and restricted and I didn’t see a chance for change. Of course in the Sea Org this doesn’t count as a reason for leaving, as “a person with a clean heart cannot be hurt” and a person is “at full cause over everything that happens to him” and a thetan (the name for the spirit in Scientology) has the ultimate ability “to make everything right”. In Scientology viewpoint there are two reasons someone leaves the Sea Org: Harmful acts or omissions committed