The Scientology Website Empire

Since I left the Sea Org, I spent a lot of time studying the subject of websites and internet marketing. I decided to start a new blog on a Scientology-related subject and I was trying to figure out my domain name (if you are not familiar with this subject, it’s the address of a website). I recalled seeing a website a long time ago, it was called, which would have been a proper domain name, and when I typed in, I saw that it didn’t have a website connected to it. I looked up the recent history and I

Leaving Scientology, Waking Up To The American Nightmare

Freewinds Reboarding Pass

Leaving A World In A Bubble Isn’t Easy In case you never read my previous posts, I spent 20 years in Scientology’s top level restricted “religious order”, the Sea Organization. I know this post will probably be shared in other areas and therefore it is written in such a language that anyone will understand. I want to bring the fact to your attention that this story could have happened to a relative of yours and it could have been another religion or cult or community, etc. The main thing I want to say is that such people will fall onto