Have A Good Laugh – Answers To The Hungary Attacks

Data Protection

Hungarian Scientology just got a huge fine and the investigation continues.

Their reaction…

They asked the members to 10X their IAS donations.

See the other reactions here…

The Image Above

“If Scientology is being investigated because of data protection…

“Then why did the President of Data Protection read out the confessional secrets publicly?”

Wake-up Call – Recruitment


This part of the universe needs your help!

In the past few days suppression has reached our church and religion!

BE PART OF THE TEAM NOW, because we never needed you like we need you now!

We are looking for auditors, supervisors, marketing people, registrars, personnel staff.

WE ARE WRITING HISTORY NOW!!!! Come and be on the front lines! This is the sport of the brave, but the prize at the end is huge!

We are waiting for you in the freedom fighter team!

Response From A Member

“I gave no permission to anyone and didn’t ask anyone to ‘protect’ my data from anyone.

“I will now officially ask the Church of Scientology if they took MY folders.

“If they did, there will be a whirlwind!”

A Video

I am sorry that this is in Hungarian. It’s called “Today’s Tale About Data Protection”

How the data protection official spreads the confessional secrets of Scientologists.

There was a data protection official that was so certain of the importance of his mission that he thought the confessional secrets of Scientologists are safer with him than with Scientologists.

Maybe this is why he had the police take the data to a government storage that stored national data on Russian servers, because he thought personal data was so important that it’s better to trust it with another country.

Then the Scientologists came to practice their religion.

But by this time their folders containing confessional secrets were in a safe data protection storage.

He turned the matter over to the police who didn’t even let the Scientologists to go into their own building, which they paid for by their own donations and not tax money.

And what a coincidence that the “independent” press came at the same exact time as the police.

Human right #11:

We are innocent until proven guilty

The Unstoppable


“Are they expecting us to be scared?

“That we are worried about our future and will withdraw?

“Is this a joke?

“Do they think truth can be stopped?

“They are facing something that cannot be stopped.

“The creative power of powerful and clean thetans.

“We will clear Hungary!

“We will free Central Europe!

“We will make spiritual freedom and happiness real for EVERYONE!

“We are dedicated!

“We are resolute!

“We are dauntless!

“Because we are the IAS!”

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