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Cocroach: Scn slang derog A person who is attacking Scientology, especially in a demonstration on the street with signs. More generally anyone who opposes Scientology. Refers to a “lower lifeform” that is not “advanced enough” to see the “higher purpose” of Scientology.

Human Rights

This post is about human rights. Scientology has a movement called “Youth For Human Rights”, where they stand up against discrimination because of race and beliefs, human trafficking, killing others, war, etc.

This is a good purpose. The only problem is that Scientology fails to give very basic human rights to its own members, especially the ones that dedicate their entire life to it, the Sea Org members. When they join, they have to sign away these rights by waiver. Scientology public also sign away rights, to a lesser degree.

Freedom of Speech

First of all, a basic human right, freedom of speech is canceled in Scientology. Per the rules, a Scientologist “in good standing” is not allowed to read these lines. If they do, they will need to go to Ethics, undergo confessionals, as it is held that only those people read such data (and use freedom of speech) that have committed harmful acts against it.

Think about it, even the President of the United States doesn’t have the right to silence its attackers.

Cannot Be Corrected

This way Scientology cannot be corrected from the inside, as any communication that points out the flaws in the system is considered “disaffected” by Scientology.
Similarly, whatever its leader says is unquestionable and the same goes for its high level officials, captains, RTC Reps. What they say is “Command Intention” and there is no appeal.

Rather than looking at and dealing with the actual issues, the solution is to “deadfile” or “SP declare” (expel from the church) anyone who brings up the need for correction. Self-criticism doesn’t exist in this subject, unless it would be practiced by its highest leader.

Scientology, per its teaching, is using an organizing board that comes from an ancient galactic organization and was modified by its Founder. Per the founder, the reason for the fall of that organization was the lack of correction. Scientology is going down the same road.

Human Rights of Sea Org Members

Sea Org members are “owned” by their organization. Their life is completely controlled and micromanaged. I am now going to show you some of the human right violations that Clearwater Sea Org members are subject to.

  • They need to sign a waiver about the terms of their service. There is no option not to sign it.
  • Their mail gets opened. They have to sign a waiver that authorizes Security/Ethics to do so.
  • Their e-mails and packages get opened and checked. They are only allowed to use the e-mail provided by the Church so they can check it. Having an “external email account” is a serious offense.
  • Their passport gets taken away and is kept in a central locked-up place.
  • They are not allowed to have a phone.
  • Messaging/texting apps like WhatsApp are banned even for org use.
  • They are not allowed to use their car, if they have one, unless it’s their day off.
  • They are not allowed to see pages like this on the internet and they can only use the internet connection of the organization, which has filters in place. When they first introduced internet computers for the crew, you could only have access to about 50 websites, like Amazon, your bank, etc. Now it’s just a filter to avoid “bad” sites like this.
  • Facebook is banned and any social media.
  • They officially have a 95 hour week. Theoretically they can spend 12 1/2 hours of this on study, but it is often denied.
  • They get a breather every Saturday morning when they clean their rooms and they have a chance to go out and buy some stuff in the local stores. This time often gets cancelled for production reasons.
  • They have no allocated time to keep contact with their families. As their day is fully packed with mandatory activities from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm, they can only call in their sleep time or mealtimes, which is 30 min lunch and 45 min dinner.
  • Officially they are allowed to have a day off every two weeks if their production is good. I had about 2 full days off in my 20 year Sea Org career. Of course this depends on your post, some people do get it every time, but such people are looked down on.
  • Officially they are allowed to have two weeks of LOA per year. I never had an LOA in 20 years.
  • They get paid $100 per week, minus tax.
  • They are not allowed to walk in the street, they need to take the bus.
  • They are not allowed to use taxis.
  • They are not allowed to go to a local restaurant and eat there. They are mandated to eat in the dining hall.
  • Men are not allowed to carry a bag. Women are only allowed to carry a bag of certain color, like black or dark blue.
  • If they put something to the wrong place, they get fined for “space misuse”. Once I forgot my jacket in the lounge, I had to pay a dollar fine for it.
  • They are not allowed to accept gifts.
  • They are not allowed to talk about their problems to their families.
  • If your production is not enough, you get assigned to eat beans & rice,
  • If a whole area is not producing enough, it gets assigned a “State of Emergency”. This can even happen to an entire organization. This means 15 minute meal breaks, going to sleep even later than the 11:30 schedule, if you get a report e. g. you walked in the street, you are a fair game target to get a “Court of Ethics”, which means you will probably get a week’s pay cancelled and you have to do 5-10 hours of amends.
  • You get continuous “knowledge reports” from Security – they always find something wrong about the cleanliness of your room, or nitpicking on something small and stupid, and it feels such an injustice. They never commend you as it is “not their job”.
  • If you are late for a muster or exercise, you get assigned 30 minutes of physical work at the end of the day.
  • If your production is low, you can get other penalties – there was a time when you got a Court of Ethics and your pay got cancelled for a week or two if your statistics were bad two weeks in a row.
  • If you decide to go off your post, you will be put on physical work, receive confessionals, do amends and you may need to re-do your initial bootcamp training as you are not behaving as a Sea Org member.
  • You are supposed to “make everything go right”, even if you are not trained and it is expected that you are perfect.
  • There are very strict rules about marriage and sex. If you touch someone intimately that you are not married with, you get into serious trouble, including being taken off post, instant committee of evidence, which is a very high level of justice, such people used to be sent to the RPF, the prison program.
  • On the RPF they were dressed in black, separated from others, did physical work, they weren’t allowed to talk to any other Sea Org members unless they were asked a question. They were supposed to run everywhere and they weren’t allowed to talk to their family outside the Sea Org at all.

And this is just what I can remember off the top of my head. There is an issue called “FLB Staff Member Guidelines” that is 8 legal pages long.


  1. Joe Grice | | Reply

    In Scientology there is a thing called the GPM which stand for Goals Problem Mass, it looks like there are two opposing goals here. One is to be free and the other is to enslave. What I think the basic goal of a thetan(a spiritual being) is to play a game with a second goal of: to win. I think the reason a being gets stuck in a game is that he is trying to win. The Roman Empire was quite a game, so was World War II. One goal could be Freedom from tyranny, the other could be to enslave conquered peoples. This could be why many people end up in the Free Zone or as Independent Scientologists(Indies). They are doing what they know best to win the game, to be free.

  2. Tony | | Reply

    Disgusting. You wonder why so many people tolerate it for so long. I know why.. but at some point some wake up. Wish they all would wake up.

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