Is Scientology Leader David Miscavige Evil?


My Encounters With DM

During my 20 years in Scientology’s Sea Org, I had the (un)fortunate experience to run into him a few times and I will tell you my experiences, and also about the idea that Sea Org members have about him.

Who Is David Miscavige?

David MiscavigeDavid Miscavige is the head of the Church of Scientology. His official title is Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center (RTC).

What is the Board? Theoretically, a company has a Board of Directors. He is the chairman. I have never seen the board itself… It doesn’t exist. It’s a smoke screen.

He is the God in Scientology. Like Zeus on the ancient Greece. When he says something, there are no ifs, buts or elses, it needs to get done.

Sea Org members respect him very much, but are also scared of him. If you say something wrong, just one word, your career can break instantly, regardless of the truth or the untruth of the matter.

David Miscavige’s Net Worth

When I was a Sea Org member, I never thought of how much David Miscavige is worth. He was a high level executive to me who ate in the exec dining room when he was at Flag. Everyone in the exec dining room was eating nice food, while we were eating crap. (This only changed after the opening of the Flag building.)

Per what I read, they put his net worth to 50 million dollars. This probably includes all the so-called Sea Org reserves, with all the IAS-raised funds.

David Miscavige’s Salary

Let’s put this into proper perspective: Thousands of Sea Org Members, working for $50 a week, or no pay at all, with no retirement savings, no possessions, living in crowded rooms and eating cafeteria food.

And him? He wears $5,000 tailored suits, $500 Egyptian cotton shirts, the finest Italian leather shoes. The average Sea Org Member gets his or her uniform supplied, if they are lucky.

He has an expensive car and a personal chef who travels with him. He takes lavish personal vacations – including many Caribbean diving trips, while Sea Org members get denied their annual Leave of Absence or get called back in the middle.

Apparently he pays himself a six-figure salary…

How Tall Is David Miscavige?

Now when you watch an event, he looks really tall. When I first met him (he came to inspect my office) I was surprised how small he was. Apparently he is 5ft 3in or 155 cm.

Is David Miscavige Married?

Michele “Shelly” Diane Miscavige is the wife of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige. She has made no public appearances since August 2007, leading to much speculation about her fate or whereabouts.

David Miscavige Abusing Others

Per the Wikipedia,

“Defectors from the Church say that from around 2002, Scientology leader David Miscavige began to publicly slap, kick, punch or shove executives at the base who had angered him. John Brousseau, the estate manager at Gold Base and a veteran Sea Org member, said that Miscavige repeatedly faulted his subordinates’ work, “constantly berating them, nitpicking everything they’re doing, pointing out inadequacies, ineffectiveness, lack of results, blaming it all on them and their inability to do anything right, and on the other hand saying how he’s got to do everything himself – he’s the only one who can do anything right.”

This is a widespread attitude for Scientology executives. If your production is not good, you get abused.

There is also the aspect of people getting abused because of him.

I was the receptionist in the Flag Sandcastle building and I had no replacement to go to dinner. I asked a friend to replace me for 10 minutes so that I could over to the Clearwater Building to eat.

I ate really quick and I was running back as I was not supposed to leave in the first place. I was running out the door…… I just saw a blur outside. Someone was asking for my name. Turned out it was COB’s Secretary. COB was trying to come in when i rushed out. Of course the door wasn’t transparent and I was in a big rush.

I got back to reception and a few minutes later the Sandcastle RTC Rep came, Marina Pezzotti, the meanest Italian bitch I have ever seen in my life. She was extra nice at that moment. She probably enjoyed it.

She asked me what had happened and I explained. She sad, “It’s a pity, because now we have to find out what’s going on with you.”

Half an hour later Vanessa came to replace me. Suddenly it wasn’t a problem. I had to go on the e-meter to get one of those dreaded ethics interviews to find out what crimes I had. Of course, with those strict and unreasonable rules everyone has sins…it’s a given.

Luckily I didn’t get into too much trouble, but this experience trained me to be extra careful around corners, going past doors, which I still have to this day…

Is David Miscavige Evil?

I actually don’t know. He must be to a degree. But this is where I see his main problem:

He wants instant and huge results. He expects other people to do it. If the people around him are unable to do it, then he attacks them and implements things like the SP hole. Obviously he doesn’t thing he should bring the people up to the point where they can do it. It’s like cutting a chicken’s head off but still expecting it would run around. I have seen it once when I was a kid, but it’s not the norm.

I wonder what would happen if he had to do it by himself.

I remember, sometime around 2000 he wasn’t that crazy. I even heard a story of some Flag staff members walking from the base to the Hacienda (berthing) and DM drove by and gave them a ride.

He started to have paranoia later on.

What OT Level Is David Miscavige?

That’s a good question. I don’t know the answer.

Some claim he is stuck in the middle of OT VII, his missing wife Shelly Miscavige being the last person who audited him.

Others say he is OT XII.

He must have done the Ls and Super Power.

He has the same problem that I see with other “OTs” – he doesn’t act as an OT is supposed to – in the direction of survival.

Where Is David Miscavige?

This is a question that you are not allowed to ask an you are not allowed to answer publicly. There is paranoia connected to it.

The enemy might plan an attack if they knew. And this is not a joke. This is dead serious.

If he goes to an area of the org, Security makes sure that the staff members are gotten out of his way. He is not to be disturbed, he is not to be approached or talked to.

The only exception is when he does an inspection and talks to you. Then you need to answer in a split second otherwise you will be nudged by his entourage.

Does David Miscavige Have A House?

While Sea Org members have to live in not the nicest conditions, he had a luxurious villa on Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles. Apparently now he is moving to Clearwater…

David Miscavige Tom CruiseDavid Miscavige And Tom Cruise

I was a receptionist in Flag’s Sandcastle building around 2002. Tom Cruise came in to start his OT VII. He walked into the building and shook hands with me.

One time he he came into the lobby and … a few minutes later David Miscavige showed up. They were there in the lobby talking for about 15 minutes.

It was really scary – if anything went bad, that would have been the moment of my death. Like people approaching them, or some unexpected visitors showing up…

They seemed to have a deep friendship, but I didn’t understand why they had to meet like that in front of the world. I was really scared.

David Miscavige’s Birthday

I don’t know when his birthday is, but we hated it, because it meant that we had to put in around $20 a week (half of our pay) for three weeks to buy him a birthday present. Golden cuff links. Super motorcycle. One year, David received a $10,000 suit.

As a “Thank You” for “everything he was doing”. I never understood why he got this. He already had everything he needed, and us slaves had to pay all this money for his birthday. Looking back it’s even worse, because now I understand that he could use all the money of Scientology.

How Did David Miscavige Become Head of Scientology?

This is what Mike Rinder writes on his blog about how L. Ron Hubbard didn’t appoint a successor:

“He wrote “policy letters” on how to wash cars and windows, how to organize an in-basket and how to write a classified ad but he wrote NOTHING about how scientology was to carry on after he died. He recorded EVERYTHING he said on recorders that were with him at all times. He wrote long-hand and typed extensive issues and even books (remember he managed to write a science fiction “dekology” — Mission Earth — during his last years). He could have recorded a message laying out what he intended and had it transcribed by his secretarial pool as he had done thousands of times over the years — they were sitting waiting for his recorded words to arrive. He could have included his plan in a written “Ron’s Journal” – something he put out often. He could have included it in his will.

“Thus, the door was left open to whoever could seize the power.”

So David Miscavige just grabbed power, acting as the savior of the religion.

DM uniformDavid Miscavige’s Uniform

Here you see the ecclesiastical leader of the church of Scientology. You may be wondering why he is wearing a navy uniform.

Let me explain. First, that is not a navy uniform. Mr. Miscavige is not, was not nor ever will be in the navy of any country.

He is wearing a faux navy uniform. Much like all PR in Scientology, it is a facade that used to project power where there is none.

The uniform with its ribbons, lanyard and golden sleeve chevrons is impressive looking but it represents nothing but PR. The use of a naval-like uniform is an affront to real naval officers – people who actually put their lives on the line to protect a country.

If you think this is weird or odd you are correct.

David Miscavige’s Lifestyle

Per Ron Miscavige, the father of Scientology’s leader, his son is “hooked on power” and lives a lavish lifestyle while many of his followers are mired in poverty. He has luxurious homes around the world, gourmet food at every meal and expensive clothes.

At the church’s headquarters in California, there was a gym reserved for him and senior celebrity members including Tom Cruise.

“While David lives like a prince wherever he travels and flies first class or in Tom Cruise’s private jet, the rest of the Sea Org lives like indentured servants, at best,” he wrote.

He said the secret Gold Base HQ, where he lived for years, had tennis courts, manicured gardens, a golf course and Olympic-sized swimming pool. But uniformed staff were rarely, if ever, allowed a day off.

I remember a time when he was at Flag. He stayed at the Hacienda and I was drafted, with several other people to watch over him in my post time.

He woke up and left around 11 am. We were told he works until late at night, that’s why.

Five minutes before leaving, all Sea Org members were cleared out of the way, the traffic at the gate was stopped, waiting for him to show up go through. A code was said over the radio to inform that he was leaving. The code was changed every day.

How psycho is that?

Is David Miscavige Crazy? A Psychopath?

I believe he is. He definitely doesn’t follow the policy from the Founder that “Command is to serve”.

There is a bulletin about the Suppressive Person, Anatomy Of. It explains how a suppressive is fighting a was that is long gone, how he thinks that everyone around him is an enemy, how everyone is a potential danger and needs to be killed so that he can be safe. Therefore a suppressive person is insane.

I see DM completely fits this descriptions.

I have one more story of meeting him. This was already during the Ideal Org phase. I was in mimeo, the printing facility of Flag.

He came in and said, “Oh you guys are still in the stone age with file cabinets.” Yes, John Allcock told me that he saw some of those very file cabinets I had there when he was at Flag in the 70’s.

DM said, “Let’s see if the folders have the issues in them.”

He randomly picked out 3 folders. Only one of them had the issues. “What a bummer,” he said.

By the way, he had about 20 people following him. It was really intimidating.



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