Leaving Scientology, Waking Up To The American Nightmare

Freewinds Reboarding Pass

Leaving A World In A Bubble Isn’t Easy

In case you never read my previous posts, I spent 20 years in Scientology’s top level restricted “religious order”, the Sea Organization.

I know this post will probably be shared in other areas and therefore it is written in such a language that anyone will understand.

I want to bring the fact to your attention that this story could have happened to a relative of yours and it could have been another religion or cult or community, etc. The main thing I want to say is that such people will fall onto their faces without the help of others. They simply don’t have the connections to survive.

I told small parts of this story to different people and I was several times was asked, “Why are you lying to me???” Or told, “I have mixed feelings about you.” “I don’t believe what you say.” Unfortunately the truth is more cruel than any story you read in the books… I have included photos, e-mail clippings to show that unfortunately all this has happened.

I have heard many people wishing that all those Sea Org members quit their jobs and start living a free life. What they don’t consider is that leaving that organization is not easy at all. Those who leave the Sea Org have a hard time and oftentimes no support. It is extremely rough. They are bouncing off walls, because they lived in a bubble and now they are in the jungle without help.

It’s not the “brainwash” that creates the problem… I never felt anything like that.

The problem is that they have no clue how the outside world operates.

I wanted to share my story with you, the person who takes it granted that you have a place to stay an possibly sick and tired of your boring everyday 9-5 job. Someone who leaves the Sea Org doesn’t have all this luxury and maybe you will look at your job differently after you read this…

Just Walked Out Of Scientology’s Sea Org

I was working 90-hour weeks for $50, I had maybe 2 full days off in 20 years, no annual leaves, never went on vacation during this time. My human rights were restricted.

  • My mail was being opened and read
  • My packages were inspected
  • I wasn’t allowed to have a phone
  • The list of phone calls I made was recorded and monitored
  • Restricted or no access to the internet
  • I was required to follow all orders I received without criticism
  • Very little free time (working from 9 am to 11:30 pm)

In November 2016 I decided I wanted a normal life and I walked off.

Going To Panama City

November 2016, I was at the Miami Greyhound bus station, waiting for my bus to leave. I was supposed to fly to Aruba to return the Freewinds, Scientology’s cruise ship. My flight had just left and I was past the point of no return, feeling incredibly relieved.

I had about $700 in my pocket. I was searching for a room to stay on Craigslist.

I was going to Panama City, FL. I started to look for a room, thinking this should be easy. This is where my first shock came….

I actually found a place I liked, at a reasonable cost, on Craigslist, and I emailed the “person”. I got an email back that “it is a very simple process, follow the link”. I clicked on the link and I arrived on a room advertising site called “Roomster”. I was instructed to sign in with my Facebook account. No other option. What a discrimination! As I am not really from this planet, I didn’t have a Facebook account. This was really annoying.

On Dec 13, 2016 1:35 PM, Pricilla Tagaca <pricillatagaca96@gmail.com> wrote:

Room still available it’s very easy process my friend please follows Step by Step below.
Step-1: Follow link please: http://tinyurl.com/h3y65ut
Step-2: Click add new listing or Sign in Facebook account
Step-3: Then complete Room Rent all details
Step-4: Then Send me your profile link

I was at the bus station waiting to get in the bus. As I am an inventive person, I quickly signed up for Facebook, and I created an account on Roomster. Believe it or not, within tree minutes I got a notice on my screen that my Roomster account was disabled by the administrator as my Facebook account was fake. WTF!

So I opened another Facebook account (tried to be a bit more elaborate this time while I was sitting at the bus station), went back to Roomster and signed up for a new account. My second account was also banned in minutes. I WAS GETTING DISCRIMINATED BY THIS DAMNED SITE BECAUSE I WAS NOT ON FACEBOOK. Complete BS! A complete violation of my rights laid down in the constitution. I submitted a support ticket, of course I never got an answer. Of course they don’t care, they have a roof above their head and they have a bed to sleep in.

Anyways, I answered the email explaining that I ran into trouble and I really wanted the room, I had the money in my pocket for the whole month and I needed help to work this out a different way. I got back a message asking, “Did you fill out your room profile? Send me the link.”

At the beginning I was patient, but by the time I went through the same story with 6 or 7 different “people”, getting the same robotic message, I was really angry.

Arriving At Panama City – Roomster Room Scam

I got off the bus with the one piece of hand-carry luggage I had, after 24 hours of traveling and I had no place to stay, thanks to Roomster. And I didn’t have the luxury of spending 40 bucks a night for a motel. I emailed again to the person that has the room – hello, I have arrived, I need a room! The answer was, “Did you fill out your profile? Send me the link.”

And it was actually a machine answering, with a different person’s name each time… Later on, after some Google search, I found out that this was a scam by Roomster. They post fake room rental announcements just to get you to sign up and pay for their service. They are criminals!

I realized that I had to give up and find a different solution.

I checked into a motel and I stayed there for a few hours. I had to leave because they broke into my e-mail account, broke into my credit card account, found the name and phone number of the motel I was staying at and someone was getting on the plane to come after me.

Searching For A Place

I ended up staying outside the entire night. It started raining heavily and I was getting wet. I ended up under the roofed entrance of some church, hiding from the heavy rain. Thank you Roomster!

In internet marketing there is a concept called the “Butterfly effect”. The simple wing motion of a butterfly can result in a tornado somewhere else at a later point of time, through connections you don’t obviously see.  This little scam by this site to increase revenue is a perfect example.

The next morning the rain stopped I went to an ugly abandoned beach area with trash all over the place. As I hadn’t slept all night, I passed out for a couple of hours there in the sun. Then I got onto Craigslist and I managed to somehow find a place to stay 60 miles away in Fountain, FL, completely cut off from human life.

There was a forest on the property. Cockroaches were swarming in the kitchen. Without going into too much detail, my room was freezing cold, it only had a nightstand and a mattress in it. I had to keep the window open in the freezing cold, as someone was smoking pot next door and the smoke was coming into my room. The owners were going into a fight with each other. I spent Christmas there…

Room Rental Scam Through Western Union

I posted on Craigslist that I was looking for a room. Someone contacted me that they had a nice apartment for rent, $300 per month plus $400 deposit. They wanted me to Western Union the money and then his attorney would come over from another state and hand me the keys. Here is the e-mail, it looks very legal…

On Dec 23, 2016 14:41, Benjamin A Vines <benjaminlawllc@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Mr. Peter:
Firstly, my name is Benjamin A. Vines the Attorney in charge of Mr. Bryan J. Jenkins property on (7100 N Lagoon Dr Panama City Beach, FL 32408) The 2 Bedroom, 2 full bathroom, Single-Family Home which you will be renting a room and the rent is stated to be $375.00 USD per/month, the security deposit which is $300.00 USD.
I want you to know he emailed me all the necessary details needed to get the rental papers signed and well documented, he also informed me you will be moving in alone, below is the name he gave me which is meant for the tenant moving into the house.
1) Name: Peter Nyiri
  -Phone Number: (862) 686-0182
Am sure the information are all correct just the way he emailed me the information and we also had a verbal discussion about this. But i want you to know we had some issues on with the past tenants which i propose we do things in a Legal way as the Lawyer in charge of this property which i will be meeting you up to give you the keys and you will sign the Lease Agreement papers i will be forwarding to you with this email am sending you, It was a complicated issue with the past tenants paying the rent fee when it was due and the damages they caused us on this property.
So based on the information my client gave me, and after running some backgrounds check on your details i feel your cleared and certified enough to rent this house and he also asked that i forward the copy of the lease documents and the other papers your to sign so you get back to me. I would like to know the date your planning to move in (please confirm that so i can be sure) I would want to make sure all payment is been made before i can meet you up that date so we can finalize the signing of the documents and the keys which i will be handling that to you so you can move into the house that same day.
I want you to know we need to follow the due process so we get this done in a Legal way for future mishap or any form of negative occurrence which me and my client would not be happy to see the same similar issue come up with our tenant renting the house. I want to assure you as soon as the payment is all done by you we will meet up at your location or right at the home address so we can sign all necessary papers then you can move in the same day.
I would be glad if you write me back on this note as i would love to keep things formal and get things done in order with the law, and i can assure you 100% everything on this property and the papers are all certified in tune with the law.
N.B: Attached is the Lease Agreement Papers you will be signing when we meet up by your move in date after you might have decided on the date that suits you best for a better overview and the Roommate Rental Agreement Form which is intended to promote harmony between roommates/partners by clarifying the expectations and responsibilities of roommates to each other.
Thanks for your cooperation on this note,
Benjamin A. Vines, Esq.
Benjamin Law Firm LLC
Property & Real Estate Attorney,

I almost did it. I was in the Western Union office filling out the form and suddenly… I saw a line on the form, “Never send money to someone you didn’t personally meet”. Thank you Western Union!!! You saved my life!!!

The guy had told me to send the money to his son, whose name was “Jarvis Jones”. I had no clue… I just suddenly had a funny idea sitting there at Western Union and entered it into Google. OMG!!! What an asshole!

Jarvis Jones

Just for the non-Americans, Jarvis Jerrell Jones is an American football legend. The guy just picked a property for sale on a website and advertised it on Craigslist for rent.

Look at the link here, 7100 N Lagoon Dr is for sale for $224,000.

I had to go back to my earlier place… slept in the hallway as my room had already been rented out to someone else.

I got onto Craigslist and I started texting for another place to stay. Everyone was asking for proof of income and background check. Luckily I found a somewhat less crappy place in a trailer park in a suburb of Panama City and moved there.

Searching For A Job

I continued with searching for jobs on Craigslist.

I applied for a Craigslist posting job. I worked for the person for an entire week and I never got paid a single cent.

I found a job offer I liked – to become a personal assistant for someone and do some shopping, etc. for him.

He mailed me a Cashier’s check. I was really excited that finally I would get some money… He wanted me to deposit the check into my bank account, withdraw the money and send most of it to his “travel agent” and keep $300 as my pay. Except the check was fake and I would have ended up with a negative balance after withdrawing the money and sending it off. I called the back and verified it. Also, it looked like it was printed out with a color printer on cheap letter size regular paper and he didn’t even bother to cut off the printout, he sent it to me like this:Cashiers Check

Captain Richard Scam

There is an Air Force base in Panama City, a well-known thing. Someone was looking for a personal assistant.

He introduced himself as Captain Richard. He was a fake Army Captain that was looking for a “personal assistant” He said he was away and he needed someone to take care of personal things for him.  He was asking me to prove that I am reliable.

He wanted me to open an account in his army bank. He wanted me to connect with his personal assistant who would guide me through the process with a screen sharing app on my phone.

I quickly Googled it and I found that hiring someone like this for a trust position like a personal assistant to handle someone’s money is never done like this, as no one would trust his money to a complete stranger. At this point I sad, no, sorry. It just doesn’t smell right.

At this point “Captain Richard” flipped and instead of me having to prove that I was reliable, he started to strongly convince me that I needed to take the job, aggressively texting and calling me several times on my phone, until I finally banned him. Here is his e-mail:

On 2/2/17, r properties <rpropertie996@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello peter, I need to Tk reply my text, so we can proceed the account
> officer is waiting to join you online and help you through the account set up.
> Thank you
> Capt Richard
> On Thursday, February 2, 2017, r properties <rpropertie996@gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Thank you so much for responding to my post and I’m glad you’re interested
>> in the job I’m offering. I want to believe and hope I am dealing with an
>> honest person because I usually would not hire anyone this way but I
>> urgently need the services of an Errand Runner/Assistant. My name is
>> Captain Richard Ricado and I’m a serving military man that needs a
>> dedicated and honest assistant that i can always trust to take care of my
>> personal/business errands while I’m busy with my Jury duties. It is a very
>> flexible job but needs you to be highly efficient and consistent. The
>> errand you will be executing for me are personal errands which includes
>> receiving and  distribution of payments, mails to my business partners,
>> grocery shopping, banking and bill payments,  around your location , And
>> i hope you can handle the position diligently?
>>> All errands will be ran within your vicinity, so it is not all that
>>> totally necessary you have a car, but it is an added advantage if you do.
>>> You will be working 3 days in a week(3 hours daily). You will be given
>>> detailed instructions on every email/text received. All expenses and taxes
>>> will be covered by me. I’m presently at the military base and I would have
>>> really loved to meet up with you to talk about this job because I’m not
>>> very safe with this idea of recruiting an assistant who will handle my
>>> personal business online, so we will definitely meet formally once I get
>>> back. I just need someone to start almost immediately because my previous
>>> assistant is pregnant and almost due so she’s unable to work due to her
>>> current situation.
>>> And in regards to your compensation, I’m willing to pay you $200 per
>>> assignment/errand you run for me and you will be executing a minimum of
>>> 3 assignment per week so the minimum compensation you will be receiving
>>> per week is $600.Let me know if all this is okay with you for proceedings to
>>> take place as i am so much looking forward to work with you.
>>> Cpt Richard

Vacation Rental Scam

There was an ad for $450 weekly pay for Craigslist posting and I applied. The job was to post ads for vacation rentals.

He said his name was Michael Whitmore. First he told me that he had an adopted daughter and she was alone and needed a husband and wanted me to post ads on dating sites. I am not going to go into big details on this, but if you Google Nigerian dating scam, you will see that these scammers get in contact with people on dating sites and ask for money for different emergencies, etc. They can make $50K a year with this.

The main scam who was “renting out” houses that were being sold on the internet. Here is an example of a house he was renting out. It is still on sale… Here is the link.

I contacted Alexandra Scott from Zillow.com and this is what she answered:

Contact’s message:
There is someone who is listing to rent this house, 540 N Washington Dr, Sarasota, FL 34236. I want to find out if that is a scam. Please contact me ASAP.

Property info:
For Sale | MLS A4158348
540 N Washington Dr , Sarasota, FL 34236-1319
Sarasota, FL 34236

Hi there,

I can follow up tomorrow. It most likely is a scam. I just encountered one like it today.

Thank you,

“Michel Whitmore” had a US phone number and he said he lived in Pensacola. After I got the above evidence, I wrote him an email and told him I thought he was a scammer. He denied. And suddenly his name changed o Joel Smith and this is what he sent me as “proof”:


He also sent me the passport photo of Joel, which I have, however I am not going to post here…

He had me receive a payment of $1,200 and send it to Nigeria through Western Union. He said he was giving it to his charity…

After all these months I finally figured out he doesn’t live in Pensacola, he was a Nigerian scammer and he hired an entire network of people to post ads for him, receive payments and send these to him.

Unfortunately I accepted the payment, and later the customer asked his credit card company for a refund….



Tue, May 23, 2017 at 3:29 AM
To: Peter Nyiri <markettrading2017@gmail.com>
Hello Peter Nyiri,

As previously communicated, your buyer opened a dispute for the following reason:

The buyer stated the merchandise they received has one of the following problems:

  • It was damaged or defective
  • It was not as described
  • Services were not rendered
  • Item not received

Here are case details:

  • Case ID: PP-D-1588739
  • Buyer’s name: Michael Gundlach
  • Buyer’s email: mikegundlach@wi.rr.com
  • Buyer’s transaction ID: 3TV97302SR7474535
  • Your transaction ID: 5VT9766585681523K
  • Transaction date: February 3, 2017
  • Transaction amount: $1,235.10 USD
  • Disputed amount: $1,235.10 USD

The disputed amount has now been debited from your PayPal account for the following reason(s):

  • The transaction was not eligible for Seller Protection. If a transaction is eligible for Seller protection, it will be marked as Eligible or Partially Eligible on your Transaction Details page.

In addition, a chargeback fee of $20.00 USD has been debited from your PayPal account.

We understand that you may not have been expecting this chargeback. If this debit has caused your PayPal account balance to go negative, please log in to your account and add money to your balance.

Thank you for your patience during this process. We appreciate your business.

You can find additional information and tips about buying and selling safely on our Business Resource Center.



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Selling On eBay, Getting Robbed

Then we came up with a seemingly good plan to sell on eBay. We ordered a few boxes of customer return items and it was going OK.

Peter Pallet

Then we moved to Jacksonville and decided to buy a couple of pallets of customer return electronics. The photo you see on the left was taken on Mc Conihe Street. Don’t ever live in that area. The people around us were poor and became completely criminal.

One afternoon our dorm-mate was sitting on the porch. There was a person going into the house across the street. She called the police. The robber was caught. The next day the exact same thing happened, across the street. You can Google crime in that street and you will see pages of search results. There were multiple (over 15) bullet marks on our own front door.

Then one Friday night we got robbed. “Somehow” they came into the house through the locked deadbolt and some big speakers that rappers love and headphones were taken. Obviously someone from inside helped.

A few days later me and my wife were sitting on a chair working on our computers in the living room. There was a black girl that one of the people who also lived there invited. She suddenly came out of her room, grabbed my wife off the chair, onto the floor, and started to punch her face with her fist.

I grabbed the attacker off and she was right across me on the floor. I am not a good fighter, not fast, but her neck was bare, so I reached out, grabbed it and started to squeeze it as hard as I was able to. She started to punch me in response, hit my nose and I was bleeding. I could feel that she was grabbing for air and I could sense her panic, as she hadn’t expected the turn of the events.

I let her go at that point and she ran back to her room. The other tenants came out to see what was happening. I was standing in the corridor. Then suddenly the girl came out again and, lightning fast, punched my jaw with her fist one last time and ran back to her room. Then she claimed that we had attacked her…

It turned out that she had just come out of jail (for similar offenses) and one of the tenants had let her in as she had nowhere to go. She had no money and we were the target.

I actually have a few photos of myself standing there in blood, and I will post something as soon as we can retrieve it from the stick that has the photos…

A few days later we went to a thrift store to buy some jeans that we were going to sell. By that time, because of the robbery, we moved all our merchandise into our tiny room and we put up our camera pointing at the door.

When we came back a few hours later, the camera was gone. Someone opened our lock door with a knife, disconnected the camera before it was able to record and took it. We were robbed the second time. Another big speaker was taken and several headphones.

By this time we had no more money. My wife suggested that we borrow from her sister and move to a different location. I said no. We already had $33,000 of debts between the two of us on credit cards. I looked for a cheap flight and left the US.

The “American Dream” unfortunately doesn’t exist any more, it turned into the American Nightmare. People are so poor that they rob each other….

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