Restarting My Life After Scientology

now you see me

Ladies and gentlemen, you and me, we are now going to perform magic. We are going to create money out of thin air. Close your eyes…

A lot of you have read my escape story. For those who haven’t, I escaped from Scientology’s Sea Org after 20 years of not having human rights, working from 8:30 am in the morning till 11:30 at night, for $50 per week. I also, risking getting caught, rescued my then wife, Gabi from Tampa International airport.

First my life was a complete disaster. Since then I have been working to put it into the right track, and this past week I reached a small milestone: I managed to pay off my first credit card fully. See below:


But do you see my horrible credit score? I need to fix it…

And unfortunately there are more cards to pay for myself and Gabi also has a lot, too… The total is somewhere above $35,000.

And almost all of them are several months past due…

Here are just a few… This is the first one, this is not overdue and I need to pay it off. I can’t lose my PayPal account.

This is the next one, over the credit limit and I didn’t make a payment since April.

And this is not much better either…

And I have more, but I am not going to post them all, this gives you the picture.

I can’t restart my life like this.

I have seen the fundraiser for Tara, where $18,000 were raised in 4 days by our powerful community, and this got me thinking. This is like magic…

I actually hate asking for money. If you want, you can absolutely donate to my fundraiser through this link, but this post is about something completely different: It’s about magic.

The Magic Website

There is a magic website, it is called Amazon.

Sea Org members love Amazon. Why? Because they work all day and have no time for shopping. But between 11:30 pm and midnight they can go on Amazon, order some stuff and it gets delivered to right where they live… It’s magical.

But I am right now a lot more interested in a different kind of magic that Amazon has: Those who are smart enough are able to make money out of the thin air…

Help Me Perform Magic…

There is one specific website whose owners do this incredibly well. They make lots of money out of thin air with this magic… And I am going to explain how.

Every day, they post massive amounts of items like the one on this photo, which are sold by Amazon:

Giant TobleroneThe actual photo on Amazon looks much smaller, but this is in fact a 10-pound giant Toblerone bar.

Check it out, just click on the photo.

They literally post hundreds of such weird/cool items on their website.

People come, click on the links to check out the items on Amazon…

It’s very rare that someone would buy the presented items. I would never buy a huge chocolate like this…

You probably wouldn’t, either.

However, if they buy anything on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking the link, the owners get a 4-10% commission.

Now, how much do you think these magicians make from this?

Hold your hat:

They make upwards of $40,000 just from Amazon every single month.

Didn’t I say it’s magical???

Do This To Help Me Restart My Life

So this is what you need to do:

0. Bookmark this page so you don’t forget where it is.

1. Click on any of the links on this site, like the one above, or the ones with the books I am advertising.

2. Do your shopping and make your payment within 24 hours.

(Black Friday coming up… And do it again each time you need to shop!)

3. Share this page on all your channels – Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, blogs… Ask them to help with this magic…

4. Leave a comment below that you did. No one is going to go for an empty thing with no reaction…

I am pretty sure we can do this and then we can help others also, who have a similar problem.

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