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EEscaping Scientology bookscaping Scientolgy
by Karen Schless Pressley

  • Before joining Scientology, Karen worked as a Hollywood fashion designer, and her husband, Peter Schless, was an award-winning composer of legendary songs including the theme song to Rambo: First Blood Part II. Scientology lured them away from these successful careers to join the Sea Organization.
  • After Karen left the Sea Org, Peter cut connection from her, and eventually landed in Scientology’s “hole” where he was subjected to abuse.
  • An insider’s guide into Scientology beliefs, practices, and management operations that keep people trapped
  • Exposes secret-service-like actions against Karen, other critics and its ever-growing list of enemies, and its justice system that it considers to be above the laws of the land
  • Discloses how L. Ron Hubbard and leader David Miscavige use forms of abuse and control to destroy marriages, families, and individual lives in a slave-like working environment while calling itself the most ethical group on the planet.

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beyond beliefBeyond Belief
by Jenna Miscavige Hill

Jenna Miscavige Hill, the niece of Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, grew up as a member until she escaped at age 21. In Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, Jenna recalls her life as a member of Sea Org, the church’s most devoted core group, describing what it was like to be sent away as a child to receive an education in Scientology, the manual labor she says she was forced to perform, the coercion she says she faced from officials throughout her life, and what drove her to break away.

Now she speaks out about her life, the Church, and her dramatic escape, going deep inside a religion that, for decades, has been the subject of fierce debate and speculation worldwide. At age 7, she was forced to sign a contract pledging to serve Sea Org “for the next billion years.”

When she was 13, Jenna says she was required to fill out a life history form. In addition to supplying her Social Security number, all her ID numbers, credit-card number, information about her bank account, and nonexistent criminal record, she was required to fill out a questionnaire asking who all of her relatives were and how they felt about Scientology. She was also told to “detail every single sexual experience, including masturbating, that I ever had.”

As a teenager, Jenna was in a training course with a boy who was not a member of Sea Org. Fraternization outside of coursework, and most certainly romantic liaisons, was forbidden. But she couldn’t help falling in love with a boy named Martino. She asked for a tr,ansfer away from him, as she knew their love was forbidden, but officials rejected her request and scolded her even though nothing physical had actually happened between her and the boy.

When she got engaged to Dallas T. Hill, Scientology officials ordered her to keep the engagement a secret, and kept telling the couple to postpone the wedding while a family member was investigated. Eventually, this went on for so long that they slept together out of wedlock, which officials later discovered. Jenna Miscavige Hill says they were immediately separated and she was not told of her fiancé’s whereabouts. Weeks later, she writes, and only after she had stepped out on a ledge at a Scientology building and threatened to jump, the two were reunited. Miscavige Hill’s parents, who had by that point had left the church, did not attend the wedding, which was finally permitted to happen.

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 counterfeit dreams scientologyCounterfeit Dreams: One Man’s Journey Into and Out of the World of Scientology
by Jeff Hawkins

Scientology presents a glittering public facade, with smiling celebrities, polished videos, slick TV ads and impressive buildings. It is an image that Jefferson Hawkins helped to craft in his 35 years as a top marketing executive for the Church of Scientology.

Yet behind that facade is a hidden world of physical and mental abuse, sleep deprivation, labor camps, family disconnection and human rights abuses. It is a nightmare world that is carefully hidden from public view. Counterfeit Dreams is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth.

Here is the detailed story of Scientology’s gradual descent into abuse, fanaticism and violence. It is a story that resonates with anyone who has ever experienced abusive control, who has ever seen their idealism and dreams turned into mental manipulation, and who has ever had to turn their back on life as they know it and start anew.

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Ruthless MiscavigeRuthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me
by Ron Miscavige Snr

#1 New York Times Bestseller

The only book to examine the origins of Scientology’s current leader, RUTHLESS tells the revealing story of David Miscavige’s childhood and his path to the head seat of the Church of Scientology told through the eyes of his father. Ron Miscavige’s personal, heartfelt story is a riveting insider’s look at life within the world of Scientology.

Following in his son’s footsteps, Ron also joined Sea Org in 1985. He quickly moved to the Gold Base (home base for the inner circle of staff) to work on the music production team. He describes living there as constant work with no sleep and “substandard food” because at times the allocation for staff dipped to $3 per person per day. All of his mail was read and his phone calls monitored, and an escort followed him to the doctor. He says he arrived to this place of constant surveillance “by tiny increments.”

Being David Miscavige’s father did not put him above being verbally abused by his son at public events. At a musical event in St. Hill in the early 2000s, David went on a “tirade” in front of a well-known Italian pop-star. “I was totally and utterly mortified by the entire experience,” writes Miscavige. At the end of it, Ron says, “Okay I got it.” And his son replied, “Good. I was waiting to hear that from you. That is why I was going on for the last 55 minutes.”

Ron suggests that his son may be a sociopath, writing, “Not all people who have these traits are sociopaths, of course, but because of their ability to seduce others with their charm, they can be tricky to identify.

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