The Scientology Website Empire

Since I left the Sea Org, I spent a lot of time studying the subject of websites and internet marketing. I decided to start a new blog on a Scientology-related subject and I was trying to figure out my domain name (if you are not familiar with this subject, it’s the address of a website).

I recalled seeing a website a long time ago, it was called, which would have been a proper domain name, and when I typed in, I saw that it didn’t have a website connected to it. I looked up the recent history and I found the following:

Expires On 2018-08-12

Registered On 2008-08-12

Registrant Contact Information:

Name CSI Domains Director

Organization Church of Scientology International

Address 6331 Hollywood Blvd

City Los Angeles

State / Province California

Postal Code 90028

Country US

Phone +1.3239603500

Fax +1.3239603508


To my surprise, searching the above e-mail address brought up the following page from 2008:,

Considering that a domain costs anywhere between $10-15, this is around a $25,000 cost per year. This data is from 9 years ago and I am not sure what the current scene is, as a lot of these websites don’t show up any more. However it is clear that they were buying up domains that were critical of Scientology, such as,

I am a kind of a self-taught expert on this field and I became really curious, I was also looking for a potential name for my blog, so I headed over to a place where you can find deleted domain names and started to search. I found a whole imprint of Scientology’s advertising past.

I found a lot of names like I also found a bunch of names that attack Scn.

This was “Scientology – A Warning for Gays in Australia”

This website said the following: “We are looking for at least one million responses to our survey – and the results will then be presented, publicly, to the Church of Scientology, with a demand for action.”

Then I found a whole bunch of cookie-cutter websites for individual names like these:

See the following web archive:

Some tried to make money out of it, but didn’t go very far, like

Then there are other related names like

which directed to a VillageVoice article.

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